Vulca Seminar 2020 has ended
From Citizen Idea to European Policy drive the 4th VULCA SEMINAR in 2020 in Zadar (Croatia).
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University for Applied Science Ruhr West
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr. Michael Schäferounded in 2010 HRW FABLAB BOTTROP for the lectures of technical computer science.It Combines elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science into functional embedded systems. Since October 2013 the HRW FabLab has been a member of the International Fab Lab Association. Our efforts are directed towards the Fab Charter.

The Lab is a place to learn, create, to play , to invent and its available for EVERYONE!
  • Main Enable the access to modern production technology for everyone. 
  • Open for everyone
  • Offer Workshops for pupils/teachers/companies/refugees.
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Rapid Prototyping & Electronic Development (LPKF PCB MILL, Pick and Place machine for SMD components).
  • Ultralight Constructions. Drone-Systems (from small to big).