Vulca Seminar 2020 has ended
From Citizen Idea to European Policy drive the 4th VULCA SEMINAR in 2020 in Zadar (Croatia).

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Thursday, April 23

11:30am CEST

Round table - Makers Mobility Pilot Project
The consortium selected to lead the Makers Mobility Pilot Project will share their research strategy and milestones for the next 18th months explaining how they will engage VULCA community before writing the recommendation to the EU commission. We expect all participants (makers, researchers, policymakers) to be actively engaged in the Q&A part because all attendees should be very well informed about the strategy they have chosen to study the importance of the mobility of makers. 

Thursday April 23, 2020 11:30am - 1:00pm CEST
Amphi (Big) of Zadar Puppet Theatre / Kazalište lutaka Zadar

2:30pm CEST

Presentation of the existing national and regional Makers/Hackers networks to achieve an overview of the European M.Hackers movement that can help researchers, policymakers and especially the selected consortium of the MMPP

And you ... how did you start you network? And what is / are your achievement(s)?

Vulca, traveling in Europe, got a good understanding of how Irish, Bosnian or Spanish started to build a network.

Representatives of European M.Hackerspaces and similar initiatives will meet to discuss with each other regarding their success and failures to develop such a network in their part of Europe.

Moderator: Thomas Sanz

avatar for Thomas Sanz

Thomas Sanz

Researchers Coordinator
avatar for Almedin Beganovic

Almedin Beganovic

Coordinator of Makerspace network in BiH, BH Futures Foundation
avatar for Rasmus Fangel Vestergaard

Rasmus Fangel Vestergaard

FabLab Coordinator, Copenhagen FabLab

Thursday April 23, 2020 2:30pm - 4:00pm CEST
Amphi (Big) of Zadar Puppet Theatre / Kazalište lutaka Zadar
Friday, April 24

9:30am CEST

The M.Hackers that are developing business thought Open source and sustainable solutions the field of circular economy, upcycling, re-use, repair, solar and wind energy, art, bioplastics, urban farming, aqua ponic systems etc

1) Hobbyhimmel, an exemple of open community with a sustainable economic-model
Speaker: Martin Langlinderer (Stuttgart - Germany)

2) Alquimétricos, Geodesic dome open source for a buisness model in Mobility!
Speaker: Fernando Daganno (Argentina)

3) Rabtz Kickermanufaktur, making open source soccer table!
Speaker: André Mirtschink (Bautzen Makerspace - Germany)

4) LunaDrums, making metal instruments from open source project
Speaker: Krzysztof Kopacz (Wytwornia Makerspace - Poland)

5) Precious Plastic in Porto, how to turn this open source project into a business for the economic model of your makerspace?
Speaker: João Leão (VIVA Lab, Co-founder & Fab Lab Manager)

Moderated by: Valeria Dammicco, PhD student of entrepreneurship and innovation at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge with the research focusing on shared machines workshops like Makerspaces as potential new contexts for entrepreneurial development

avatar for Valeria Dammicco

Valeria Dammicco

phd student, University of Cambridge

avatar for João Leão

João Leão

Co-founder & Fab Lab Manager, VIVA Lab
Leão is a designer and maker currently residing in Porto, Portugal. Co-founder of VIVA Lab a Fab lab focused on the areas of Design and Education. Precious Plastic pioneer and promoter in Portugal working to build a local community to tackle the plastic problem.
avatar for Krzysztof Kopacz

Krzysztof Kopacz

owner, LunaDrums
avatar for Fernando Daguanno

Fernando Daguanno

Founder, Alquimétricos
37 years old, born in argentina, living in Rio de Janeiro since 2015. Electronics technician, maker and self-taught designer. His professional career includes experiences in events production, educative actions and corporate communication.Among other projects, co-founded NETI (No... Read More →
avatar for Martin Langlinderer

Martin Langlinderer

open (work)shops/makerspaces/fablabs in generalhow to support future shop operatorshow can financially self sustaining shops be structured
avatar for André Mirtschink

André Mirtschink

Self-employed, OpenCNC, Konlgomerat e.V., Rabatz Kickermanufaktur

Friday April 24, 2020 9:30am - 11:00am CEST
Amphi (Big) of Zadar Puppet Theatre / Kazalište lutaka Zadar

11:30am CEST

Hacktivism is built on an ecosystem of people, places, and ideas.

From Hackerspaces to Makerspaces; From Open Workshop toBioLab or Fablabs, the M.Hackers movement tend to develop local communities to collaborate either on place or remotely on very transdisciplinary projects. But what are the Ingredients for Hacktivism? What’s next for Hacktivism?

We asked several experts to weigh in on the future of Hacktivism and what it means for their field.
- For Society
- For Business
- For Art
- For Governments
- For Journalist
- ....

1/4 - Isabelle Radtke : Hackers for nature’s rights
Let’s get together to review existing actions aiming at bending public policies to include nature’s right. Then, we will talk about biohacking in a political sense and how to ask for more than the abolition of ecocide: hack the system to recognize non human (plants, animals, earth...) as a rightful member of society. (I.e.acces to the economic world is already possible Since we can create virtual wallets and smart contracts for a care dog, a forest ...) let’s take this idea a bit further: We’ve known how to MAKE stuff together for many moons now (agriculture, textile, rare earth in TIC ....) but NOW: How do we work with each other ? How do we prioritize together ? How do we respect each other’s rights? What are those rights? ...

2/4 - Marko Kažić: Free Education - We hack the future of Education
Kikinda is a city of 38 000 inhabitants in northern Serbia where Marko and his community are evolving and remodeling education to fit the needs of an increasingly digital, decentralized society, and makes parallels with the maker/hacker movement to deduce the effect to mobility, knowledge and freedom in society as a result of free education.

avatar for Isabelle


Fab Manager / co-founder, Lab01 & Les Usines Louise
#PUBLIC ART #NATURE'S RIGHT #POLITICAL BIOHACKING Sculptor and innovation engineer, Inspired and supported by my biohacker community at LA M[Y]NE (Lyon, France), I am cofounder of a fab lab/living lab in France (LAB01) and an artist @Les Usines Louise, with a focus on the construction... Read More →
avatar for Marko Kažić

Marko Kažić

CEO, Zamphyr OÜ

Friday April 24, 2020 11:30am - 1:00pm CEST
Amphi (Big) of Zadar Puppet Theatre / Kazalište lutaka Zadar

5:30pm CEST

  • And you, do you organise national / international M.Hackers event? 
  • What is the purpose of your event and your target group?
  • Do you organise a hackathon or you meet to network and structure your community.
  • How do you reach sponsors and why do they want to support you?
  • Which difficulties you meet and how you learn from your failure 
  • ...
Vulca, travelling in Europe, got a good understanding of how Croatian, Portuguese or German started developing their events.

Representative organisers will meet to discuss with each other regarding their European FABConferences such as Maker Faire, OctoberMake, CCC, PIF CAMP, and many more

Moderator: Alexandre Rousselet

avatar for Jeffrey Roe

Jeffrey Roe

Hackerspace, Tog Hackerspace

avatar for Roberto Vdovic

Roberto Vdovic

Teacher, Fablab Zagreb
We are the national coordinator for the VULCA SEMINAR 2020 

Friday April 24, 2020 5:30pm - 7:00pm CEST
St Dominic's Church / Crkva Sv. Dominika
Saturday, April 25

9:30am CEST

Round table - “What is the place of makers and fab labs in the politics and future strategies of the EU”
To see what makers can do to align their activities with the “needs” of the EU; to get inspired about what we (makers) can propose to the EP as a new program or activity that is valuable, and coming from the makers’ movement; to see how to reach policy makers if makers have ideas

Vulca Team will announce the speakers one by one from February 2020.

avatar for mschaefer


Prof. Dr., University for Applied Science Ruhr West
Prof. Dr. Michael Schäferounded in 2010 HRW FABLAB BOTTROP for the lectures of technical computer science.It Combines elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science into functional embedded systems. Since October 2013 the HRW FabLab has been a member... Read More →
avatar for Carlos Alcobia

Carlos Alcobia

Fablab Manager, Buinho
avatar for Paulo Rosa

Paulo Rosa


Saturday April 25, 2020 9:30am - 11:00am CEST
Amphi (Big) of Zadar Puppet Theatre / Kazalište lutaka Zadar

11:30am CEST

We invite speakers to share their stories and observe solutions of integrating (or even focusing on) SDGs different maker spaces already made; to identify new ways of reaching SDGs through the makers’ movement

We are currently inviting speakers. Vulca Team will announce them one by one from February 2020

Speakers :
- Olivia Kotsifa - Fablab Factory (BL) - Decode Fablab (GR)
- Mimi Hapig - Habibi.Work Coordinator (GR)

avatar for Meta Štular

Meta Štular

General Manager, RogLab

avatar for Hank Duke

Hank Duke

Founder of DIY Praha, DIY Praha
avatar for Olivia KOTSIFA


co-founder and former manager of Fab Lab Cardiff and part of the DecodeLab Athens team, Olivia now travels around the world meeting like minded people and working in Fab Labs and co-working spaces. She is interested in the intersection of the Fab Lab Network and the Digital Nomad... Read More →

Saturday April 25, 2020 11:30am - 1:00pm CEST
Amphi (Big) of Zadar Puppet Theatre / Kazalište lutaka Zadar